Bucket List

  1. Watch the sunrise at the beach.
  2. Graduate university.
  3. Participate in the colour run.
  4. Be a maid of honour at my bestie's wedding. 
  5. Do paint balloons, like in The Princess Diaries.
  6. Get a tattoo.
  7. Take a picture with the Hollywood sign.
  8. Be a bridesmaid.
  9. Get nose pierced.
  10. Dye the whole of my head pink.
  11. Have a surprise party thrown for me.
  12. Get grade 8 in singing.
  13. Get married.
  14. Run a 3k race, and don't stop!
  15. Hot air balloon ride.
  16. Release an album.
  17. See Les Mis at the westend.
  18. Get a dog. A little cute one. 
  19. Learn to play the harp.
  20. Knit a scarf for a friend.
  21. Go vegan for a month, or maybe lent.
  22. Learn sign language.
  23. Have a paint fight.
  24. Go to the airport and buy a ticket for a random flight.
  25. Go to New York.
  26. Foster a Child.
  27. Donate blood. 
  28. Get fit enough to have a six pack. 
  29. Watch a Broadway show. 
  30. Grade 8 piano. 
  31. Learn how to drive.
  32. Get my dream job - teaching singing

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